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How to Write an HR Manager Cover Letter

Are you applying for a human resource managing post? Whether you are an entry-level HR officer or an experienced HR manager, writing a strong HR Manager Cover Letter can help you getting called for an interview. So, read this article thoroughly as I will discuss the art and science of cover letter writing.

Despite having significant importance we often ignore writing cover letter properly and focus more on resume writing.

However, the scarcity of time and the rise in the number of applications for a single post have forced hiring managers screening applications based on applicant’s cover letter even before laying their eyes on the resume to assess the credibility of the candidate for the job.

If the recruiter is impressed with your cover letter, he/she moves towards the resume, otherwise not. Hence, the significance of the cover letters has soared manifolds in recent years.

How to write a strong HR manager cover letter?

Writing a cover letter, deciding on its content, language, style, and format depends heavily on what job role one is applying and its level. An HR manager is a mid-level position and such application requires a different approach than that of an entry-level or senior-level job application.

You need to remember that since you are applying for a human resource role, which requires the person to recruit people for the organization, you need to be extra cautious while writing your cover letters as these must show your mastery over the same and leave some impression about your ability to evaluate others’ cover letters in future in discharge of their duties as an HR Manager.

Proper salutation: Be it an email or printed on paper, your cover letter should begin with a proper salutation. I strongly recommend personalizing the salutation as much as possible.

If you know the name of the person, address with “Mr.” if that person happens to be a man.

However, the situation is bit tricky if the individual is a woman. As there is no way to know her marital status, it is safe to use “Ms” instead of “Miss” or “Mrs.”

The worst-case may be when the gender of the individual is not known to you.

In that case, use “Mr./Ms.” before the surname of the person. For example, it can be “Dear Mr. Cunningham,” or “Dear Ms. Cunningham” or “Dear Mr./Ms Cunningham.”

“Dear Recruiter”, “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Sir/Madam” also works when no information is available.

No matter which platform you choose to send your cover letter to the recruiter, avoid using the following salutations at all costs–just the first name, just writing hello, and “to whom it may concern.”

Strong Introduction: The introduction of the cover letter is one of the most crucial sections. This one paragraph is your chance to create the hook.

Use your strongest USP and force the reader to continue reading the whole letter.

Here is one such example: “With five years of experience as a human resource consultant I feel enthusiastic about applying for the post of senior-level HR manager at your esteemed organization. The requirements of the position, essential qualification, and desirable experiences match that of mine and I am sure that I will justify the responsibility of the post.”

Showcase the best of your qualifications and experiences: The cover letter should be a distinct portrayal of your personality, eligibility, and work experiences.

It must be professional, approachable and must show your involvement in writing the same. Stay away from using bullets to summarize your qualifications and experiences.

You should use bullets and numbers in the resume but never in the cover letter. If used in the cover letters, the recruiters perceive this as a casual and less eager mindset of the job seeker.

Use short paragraphs to narrate only the best and provide adequate supporting documents to convey your true potential for the job.

Remember that most of the time a recruiter spends only a few seconds to glance through your letter. So, it should be crisp and precise. Do not give too much details of your previous work experiences and accomplishments. They may stretch the letter too long. This is not desirable.

The conclusion: The conclusion part should have a hint of follow-up and your eagerness to take part in the ensuing process of selection.

I always recommend using a CTA statement. Such approach encourages the recruiter to take positive action.

The ending salutation is also essential. Use of “Yours sincerely” is ideal for these types of letters keeping in mind the seniority of the position.

How should you format your HR manager cover letter?

Your cover letter for HR manager should not be more than a page long with three to four short paragraphs. Brevity is the soul of wit that applies perfectly for cover letter.

Using Sans Serif fonts with font size 12 keeps the letter formal and pleasing to the eyes. Never use ornamental or decorative or fun fonts.

A line spacing of 1.5 points is preferable. The letter must be left-aligned or justified. Use bold, italics, and underline as little as possible.

Reviewing the letter: The final step is reviewing the letter from the perspective of the recruiter.

Since you are applying for the post of an HR Manager, you must scrutinize the letter as you would do it for someone else’s cover letter. Always check for grammar and punctuation errors and clean them up immediately. You can use proof reading software like ProWritingAid for the same.

Check the tone of the letter. It should be formal and respectful yet personalized and approachable.

While reviewing the cover letter, remember that they not only will judge you based on your qualifications and experiences but also your ability to evaluate others’ work and skills to select the right people for the right job in the organization.

The recruiter must get an idea about the standard that you maintain and expect others to follow while applying for a job.

Typical job responsibilities of a Human Resource manager

  • Overseeing the recruitment and selection processes
  • Developing strategies and taking initiatives to create a better workforce aligned with the overall strategy of the business
  • Taking initiatives to create a positive working environment
  • Bridging the gap between the management and the employees by solving issues, addressing demands and grievances
  • Managing the performance appraisal system
  • Protecting the interests of the company and the employees under the governmental laws and regulations

A sample HR manager cover letter

Dear Mr. Last name

This is in response to your advertisement for the post of an HR Manager in your esteemed organization. I felt enthusiastic about applying for the job because I found that the position, its essential qualification, and desirable experiences match that of mine.

After completing my MBA (HR) from XYZ institute, I have been associated with several reputed organizations first as an HR Executive and then as an HR Manager. I am working in the field of human resources for the last 10 years. During this one decade, I have gained the experience of handling over 500 employees and the skills to manage their human resource requirements right from recruitment, scheduling to payroll to managing interpersonal issues and legal complexities with the help of legal counsel. While dealing with many such tense situations among the employees, I have learned the significance of diplomacy, empathy, negotiation, and problem-solving while working in a team.

My expertise in planning HR plan for employee retention and their wellness earned me the award of Best Performance of the Year last year.

With my skills and experiences, I am sure I will help XYZ reaching a new height. Please find my resume attached. Don’t hesitate to contact me regarding any clarification. I am looking forward to hearing from you for a face-to-face interview session.

Yours sincerely,
Your Name

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