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How to Write a Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Getting a job in the healthcare sector is becoming difficult day by day and an impressive cover letter is often a primary requirement for getting a job as a medical assistant. In this article, I will put forth the important guidelines for writing an impressive medical assistant cover letter, with which you can influence the hiring manager and significantly improve your acceptability. At the end, I have also attached a sample cover letter for your convenience. You can use this sample as a reference to prepare your personalized cover letter for the post of a medical assistant.

First of all, we will try to understand what a cover letter is. A cover letter is a business document to introduce yourself in front of the recruiter. Without a cover letter, your resume is an empty nester. As the resume will bring out the facts, a cover letter will highlight the personality. We can say that a cover letter garnishes your resume. It improves the possibility of getting called for an interview. However, every cover letter is different and requires customization. Below, I am discussing How you can customize your cover letter for a medical assistant post.

What do you write in a medical assistant cover letter?

Before starting your cover letter, think over the content. “Content is King” and it is equally true for a cover letter. An impressive content creates a hook and keeps the hiring manager engaged. Thus, a well-written cover letter makes the hiring manager interested in reading the resume.

Consider a hypothetical situation. There are ten people who applied for one opening and you have to choose one among them. What will you do if all have the same academic qualifications? In that case, you can shortlist the aspirants based on their cover letter. In the real world, the situation is more adverse and a hiring manager checks hundreds if not thousands of applications for a single position.

A cover letter is usually a three to four paragraphs long document detailing your suitability for the post. Hiring managers routinely check cover letters before reviewing resumes. If they like the cover letter then only they will open the resume.

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A simple and clear language is always preferred. As we know, the secret to good writing is its simplicity. The cover letter should state a clear message. Other key points are-

  1. The first point you should remember is to address properly. The address comprises of “Dear (the hiring manager’s name).” You can also address by writing “Respected”. But “Dear” is recommended.
  2. The second point is to mention your name along with appreciation. Then acknowledge the reference.
  3. Change the paragraph from here. Mention your educational qualifications here. Keep this segment short and appealing.
  4. Notifying the job experience is necessary for the cover letter. The experience matters more in corporate world. You have to include a short section of your previous work experiences. If you are a fresher, you can mention your training experiences.
  5. Finally, conclude your cover letter with a confident mental outlook. This will leave a positive impact on the hiring manager and will lead to a call for an interview.

After analyzing these points, writing a cover letter will become an easy task. It will also enhance your resume.

What skills do you need to be a good medical assistant?

A medical assistant performs clinical as well as office work. He/She is responsible to maintain the patient’s register, admission register, and perform many clinical works. As you are applying for this post, you would be aware of the essential skills.

Communication skills: To be a medical assistant, communication skills are important. A person having good communication skills can perform these tasks easily. Articulating skills for giving instructions to the patients is a must for this post.

Systematic approach: To work for an organization, the person must own a systematic approach to work. A medical assistant has to schedule the patient files and answer the phone calls. Handling both clinical and official work is not easy. Hence a medical assistant must have high organizational skills.

Medical Knowledge: Sound knowledge of medical terminology and anatomy is a benchmark. The hiring manager will look upon your medical knowledge as well. The acknowledgment of the basic process of drawing blood and dressing a wound be an add on.

Computer skills: In the era of computers, those who do not know the computer basics are rejected at once. Thus one should know computer fundamentals. Along with that, the proper maintenance of electronic health records is one of the most important medical assistant skills. These skills will add glory to your resume and increase the chances of selection.

Knowledge of medical instruments: A medical assistant is the one who assists the patient. The primary need for this post is the knowledge of several medical instruments.

Patient Service skills: Awareness of personal and patient safety is the necessary point. Knowledge of sanitation protocols is essential for medical assistants. The precondition of this post is the treatment of patients with sensitivity.

These are the skills a medical assistant should possess and your medical assistant cover letter should highlight them subjectively.

What are the duties of a medical assistant?

Medical assistance is a busy job. You often need to work in a fast-paced environment. The duties of a medical assistant can be divided into two sectors. One is clinical work, and the other one is administrative work.

Clinical work

  • Collecting patient’s medical information
  • Collecting specimens such as blood samples
  • Conducting regular lab test
  • Dispatching reports

Administrative work

  • Answering phone calls
  • Arranging patients appointments
  • Organizing patients records
  • Updating the patient’s information and health record
  • Ordering and tracking supplies

So, if you find yourself able to perform these duties then you are the most suitable to work as a medical assistant.

A sample medical assistant cover letter

Dear Mr/Ms. Hiring Manager,

I have seen your vacancy on a job recruitment portal about the post of the medical assistant. Understanding the job descriptions, I would like to apply for this position. As per your description, I will be a perfect fit for this post.

Since a very young age, I have a keen interest in the medical profession and due to this reason, I chose to pursue B.Sc. in biology. The long experience of five years proves my ability to work to the highest standards of the healthcare industry.

As I am cordial with patients, staff, and doctors as well as have the sound knowledge of record keeping, hence you will surely get benefited. My capabilities prepared me well for this post at your organization. All the skills and experiences that I carried exactly match with your preconditions and I am confident about the value and strength that I can bring to your reputed hospital.

For more information about my qualifications and experience please look into the attached resume and feel free to contact me through email or phone. Thank you for your time and patience.

Piyush Jain

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