27 Hilarious Procrastination Memes for Writers

27. Use Your Brain

Hey! You are not an animal; you are a human with a powerful brain. If you waste the most significant share of the daytime sleeping, when will you utilize the hidden treasury of your skills and efficiency?

How to stop procrastinating?

Well, it’s a big question! I can suggest hundreds of ideas, but will they really work? You never know. So I choose to enlist only selected ones that are tried and tested. 

  1. Get up early in the morning with a positive mindset. 
  2. Even if you are a freelancer, take a day off once a week or in 15 days and don’t even think of working on that day as a regular employee.
  3. Arrange your workplace before starting the work.
  4. In case you are working from home, then also get dressed up appropriately every day. It will help you in maintaining the focus. 
  5. You may take some deadline projects to maintain the discipline.
  6. If you are too addicted to social media, then keep your phone at a distance.
  7. Stay away from those people who distract you from work.
  8. One should always have a to-do list in mind, or you can prepare it on a paper.

So stop thinking and start doing. No one can claim that he or she is free from procrastination. Here, the key to success is- are you able to deal with it or not?

I hope these funny procrastination memes will help you a bit. If you come across any other exciting and motivational memes, do share it with us!

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