Scrivener Review. Is It Worth Paying For?

Scrivener is undoubtedly one of the most popular book writing software available today.

In this Scrivener review, I will tear down this productivity software and compare it with other similar software like Microsoft Word. In the end I will figure out why so many authors prefer Scrivener for their writing projects.

Writing books is not difficult. However, writing an enjoyable book is a tremendously difficult and mammoth task.

It needs to be creative, well defined, coherent, and organized.

There are so many fragments that need to be connected, so many files that need to be organized.

Gone are the days when you might scribble your notebooks with a pen while sitting on the balcony. Today more and more authors are shifting towards the digital platforms and are making the best use of technology to write fast.

Scrivener is one such writing software that provides several facilities to streamline your writing process.

So what exactly is Scrivener?

You must be having many questions in your mind. Let’s not waste time and jump into the topic.

Hope it will be helpful.

What is Scrivener?

Scrivener is a writing, editing software and file organizer that makes your writing experience comfortable. It is a book-writing software that was developed in the year 2007 by Keith Blount who himself is a renowned writer.

After facing several issues of storing and organizing notes, he came up with an idea of this software to reduce the workload while working on a project.

This word processing software also provides an inbuilt, robust document management system which allows the users to organize notes, research material, and write up so that it can be accessed and referred easily.

Scrivener is supported on both Windows, macOS, and iOS. And it includes several readily available templates to kick start your writing project.

Is Scrivener Suitable For You?

Are you a writer who writes fiction, nonfiction?

Then this software is for you.

You can handle complex content, bookmarks, and notes in one place and in an organized way.

No need to move your files from one folder to another as this software can automatically manage your content in just a few clicks and makes your writing and learning hasslefree.

Scrivener is also popular among academics. Authors like Dr. Stephen Kinsella, Mark Vopat, and Samuel Arbesman are big fans of this software.

Biographers, Children’s Authors, Journalists, Lawyers, Novelists, Poets, Screenwriters, Students, Translators, and writers from many other fields use Scrivener for their projects.

So, if you are starting an extensive writing project, Scrivener could be very helpful for you.

Below, I am discussing its features that make this software so powerful.

Binder Organizes Your Documents

Plan your book before you even start writing your first paragraph.

Isn’t it cool?

Binder area makes your writing planning flexible by allowing you to create chapters and notes in one place.

It allows you to organize resources and chop up your complete project into several micro jobs.

The best part is that it is highly customizable and gives you the freedom to add and use different resources in a single place.

binder feature scrivener

Readymade Templates to Kick Start Your Project

Scrivener comes with a huge number of readymade templates. Fiction, nonfiction, thriller, screenplay, whatever be your requirement, there is a template for you.

These templates are designed to make your task easy.

Select your project type and you are ready to go with a pre-made template.

The best part of these templates is that you can import third party templates which serve any genre, any style or any usage, thus making it a much simpler and useful tool.

You can also choose between a simple or complex layout depending on your requirements.

Template saves your time and multiplies your efficiency.

Tip: You can download additional templates from Squibler and make the best use of Scrivener.

Set Up Your Deadlines With Scrivener

Target setting feature is a bliss for most of us who work under pressure.

You can set a deadline or target for your work so that you can finish your work on time. This feature brings the motivation to work and reach the goal on time.

session target scrivener

With the ‘Session Target’ feature, you can set your daily goals while working on a project. Scrivener keeps track of your progress and shows the performance based on the number of words, characters, or pages completed.

Import Anything

Book writing is definitely one of the toughest creative tasks.

First you create the storyline and then compile different pieces together at the last stage.

Your data might be scattered or hidden inside a folder.

With Scrivener you can import and make them accessible from one place. This saves your time and ensures accessibility of content from one place.

Use this feature to import projects from MS Word documents, Final Draft scripts, images, PDFs, web pages, audio files, and even movies.

import feature in scrivener


This useful feature in Scrivener follows an old-fashioned way of storyboarding.

You can place your card on the corkboard and organize them with an easy drag-and-drop facility.

With this feature, you get access to all your contents from the top and arrange them easily to make things work according to your working style.

Corkboard of scrivener

Scrivener Color Styling

As you can guess from the name, this powerful tool helps in differentiating content and notes from each other.

While using this feature, you can customize everything by just a few clicks and set the color code for unique documents such as chapter, scene, image, location, research, and many more.

Making color combinations for different tasks makes it easy to identify files and reduces confusion while working.

You can easily save your time by referring to a file with just one glance.

color styling scrivener

Speed Up Your Writing With Split Screen Facility

Working on two different tasks simultaneously on Scrivener is another popular feature.

You can easily work on your document and check your research at the same time. Now if you want to refer to a previous chapter, just click that chapter and you reach there.

No doubt it doubles your speed of working.

Customize Toolbar Easily

Scrivener also has an option to customize the toolbar so that you can list down necessary tools in your toolbar, which can be accessed by just one click.

You can optimize your working by filtering out necessary tools for your working environment.

customize toolbar scrivener

Restore Previous Changes

It allows you to restore to earlier versions of your content.

Worry-Free Auto Save

This is another useful feature in Scrivener. Autosave facility periodically saves your document. So, you need not to worry about saving them manually.

Publish Easily

You can easily compile your book as an ebook and make it live in no time.

Worry about ebook format?

Well, Scrivener comes with several export options including

  • epub (Amazon Kindle) format
  • Apple iBook (IBA) format
  • Universal PDF format

No  need to add external plugins.

With just a few clicks, you’re ready to export your work.

Do you want to check it before publishing?

You can check the preview of your ebook right from the Scrivener.

This makes the book publication process hassle free and saves your time.


Scrivener is undoubtedly one of the most powerful word processing software and workflow organizers.

It saves your time by organizing files and researched materials at one place. You can easily access and reorganize your content with just a few clicks.

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